R&D and Pilot Pulsed UV Systems:    

180°-360° 1-2 PUV lamps semi automatic R&D system with up to 1 kJ pulses

180°-360° 1-2 PUV lamps fully automatic
R&D system,
150-450J pulses


180° single PUV lamp basic compact R&D system, 150-450J/p.

    R&D and Pilot Pulsed El. Magnetic Systems:    

R&D PEF system: broad pulse parameters for juices and juice extraction.


PEF two stage pilot and R&D sterilization system with broad pulse parametrs, 250-500l/h .

Small-bench-top PEF device for R&D



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UV Vortex for powders

R&D engineering

35Tesla magnetic pulser

PL & UVC Tunnels

PUV for hospitals - Project